Quality is one of our most important keywords. Certifications and thoughtful policies indicate the direction for our quality management. A receipt for our goal fulfillment is over 4,000 delivered mini-garages since the start, many of which are still in operation by satisfied users.


Dooman shall be a company with high quality awareness that complies with the EU regulations in all essential respects.

Our quality policy defines our quality goals:
Satisfied and returning customers
High level of service and good flexibility
Short lead times and delivery on time
Deliveries of functional products with the right quality
Correct technical knowledge
Motivated and knowledgeable staff


In order to achieve this, we will:
Have an effective organization with clear roles and responsibilities
Have a good relationship with users, clients and partners, listen to their wishes and have products and services that meets or exceeds their requirements
Ensure that our employees have the right training, competence and attitude for their duties
Create a work environment that is constantly improving


Our business is based on finding work methods and practices that minimize our impact on the environment. In practice, this means high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, thought-through systems for recycling materials and production methods that prevent all types of contamination.

Dooman will actively work to minimize environmental impact factors.

Environmental considerations form part of the business process and integrated into our business
Make active dialogue with clients, partners and suppliers to achieve reduced environmental impact
Always comply with the laws, regulations and other provisions that affect our business
Continuously work on environmental improvements, prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact from our operations
All employees feel their responsibility for the environment and understand their role in reducing the company's environmental impact
In developing products, materials and technologies that contribute to a sustainable and ecological society must be rewarded